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Patlian Lake Neelum Valley:
A Beautiful Hiking Trail

Patlian Lake Neelum Valley:
A Beautiful Hiking Trail

Patlian lake is one of the most beautiful and scenic lakes in Azad Kashmir which demands some struggle from its visitors to show off all its natural views as Patlian lake is situated at a height of 3950 m (12960 ft) in beautiful Neelum valley, a paradise on earth.

Best time to visit Patlian lake:

Patlian lake is a magnificent lake with all its splendid views. This lake remains open to show its resplendent views to tourists from End April, or May to late August or starting off September.It remains closed for tourists in other months due to blocking of roads and heavy snowfall. So the best time to visit Patlian lake would be June to August as most of its snow would go vanish and you could be able to admire all its exquisite views.

Facilities at Patlian lake base camp:

It is all there at Patlian base camp for tourists, You can get tents for a night stay with hot blankets and mattresses, hot tea or coffee, several food dishes to choose from to eat, as well as breakfast services at a nominal price.

Necessary items for Patlian lake trek:

In presence of all these facilities don’t forget to bring hiking necessities along with you, like waterproof shoes, minimum of two pairs of socks, a raincoat, a water bottle, sun-blocking cream, a hot jacket, or a shawl, and necessary medicines. Some tourists feel headaches and difficulties to breath due to its elevation so keep your necessary items with you.

Keep Patlian lake clean and green:

In the end, keep your atmosphere and surroundings clean and hygenic, Patlian lake is one of the most adorable lakes I have ever seen so it’s our responsibility to keep it as beautiful as we see it.I humbly suggest you not bring any item that causes garbage there. Or keep your trash with you, to keep Patlian lake Neelum valley the cleanest place.