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Patlian Lake Neelum Valley:
A Beautiful Hiking Trail

Patlian lake is one of the most beautiful and scenic lakes in Azad Kashmir which demands some struggle from its visitors to show off all its natural views as Patlian lake is situated at a height of 3950 m (12960 ft) in beautiful Neelum valley, a paradise on earth.

Best time to visit Patlian lake:

Patlian lake is a magnificent lake with all its splendid views. This lake remains open to show its resplendent views to tourists from End April, or May to late August or starting off September.It remains closed for tourists in other months due to blocking of roads and heavy snowfall. So the best time to visit Patlian lake would be June to August as most of its snow would go vanish and you could be able to admire all its exquisite views.

Facilities at Patlian lake base camp:

It is all there at Patlian base camp for tourists, You can get tents for a night stay with hot blankets and mattresses, hot tea or coffee, several food dishes to choose from to eat, as well as breakfast services at a nominal price.

Necessary items for Patlian lake trek:

In presence of all these facilities don’t forget to bring hiking necessities along with you, like waterproof shoes, minimum of two pairs of socks, a raincoat, a water bottle, sun-blocking cream, a hot jacket, or a shawl, and necessary medicines. Some tourists feel headaches and difficulties to breath due to its elevation so keep your necessary items with you.

Keep Patlian lake clean and green:

In the end, keep your atmosphere and surroundings clean and hygenic, Patlian lake is one of the most adorable lakes I have ever seen so it’s our responsibility to keep it as beautiful as we see it.I humbly suggest you not bring any item that causes garbage there. Or keep your trash with you, to keep Patlian lake Neelum valley the cleanest place.

Sharda Valley AJK:
History, Script, Peeth, Temple, University

Sharda valley of AJK on the banks of the Neelum river reflects ancient Hindu civilization and its history includes script, university, temple, Peeth that makes it a sacred place in Hinduism, so it has distinguished place in whole Neelum valley.

History of Sharda, Neelam Valley, AJK, Pakistan doesn’t complete without ‘Sharda Script’. It is a tourist hub that reflects ancient Hindu civilization.

It is one of the most beautiful and heaven-like places on earth. It is very rich in its history, ancient culture, civilization and most importantly its paradise-like scenic views.

All these factors make Sharda, Pakistan a must-visit tourist place. In this blog, you will get a brief introduction and facts about,

  • Sharda Location
  • Sharda Temple
  • Sharda Peeth
  • Sharda University
  • Sharda Script or Alphabet
  • Sharda in ancient Hindu Scriptures
  • Sharda a Sacred Place
  • The invention of Brahmi Script
  • Reason(s) of Disappearing Sharda Script

Sharda Location:

It is a beautiful village of ancient Kishan Ganga Valley, Neelam Valley, a paradise region of Kupwara district, 130 km from Srinagar and 140 km from Muzaffarabad.

Sharda was in the past a great scientific, literary and cultural center and had a great place in the history of Kashmir.

Sharda Temple:

The Sharda temple was in the style of ‘Shut Kon’ which symbolized the six arms (Power) of the Goddess Sharda.

This temple is situated on a mound on the banks of the river Neelum. There was a paved road and stairs from the river to the temple.

There was no idol in this temple but a simple stone pillar ‘wide plaque’ which was worshiped as the form of Sharda Devi.

The Sharda Temple in Sharda Village is located on the left bank of the Neelum River. Where the Neelum River meets the Madhumati River. From a religious point of view, this confluence of Kishan Ganga and Madhumati is a very sacred place.

Sharda, A Sacred Place:

Before the formation of Pakistan, a big festival was held here on the eighth day of the month of Bhadon. In which Hindu pilgrims from far and wide used to come and participate.

This holy place was considered as important as other holy places of Kashmir like Amarnath, Kher Bhavani, Bhadarkali, and Surya Temple.

There are various facts and traditions about when this temple was built in ancient times. Which shows that it has been here since prehistoric times.

Sharda University:

In Sanskrit, the word Sharda is used for Goddess of knowledge Saraswati and form of Kali Mata which is Durga. Similarly, the word is also used for a special type of instrument ‘Veena’.

History books say that people from China, India, Java, Sumatra, Central Asia, and distant lands came here to learn science and art, and benefited because there was a great university or pathshala here. Which was spread over a large area around the Sharda temple, the fading traces of which are still present today.

Sharda Peeth:

The fame of this great seminary spread so much that the whole of Kashmir became known as Sharda Peeth. And in ancient historical documents the words Sharda Peeth, Sharda Bhoomi, and Sharda Nagri are used for this Kashmir.

Its greatness can also be gauged from the book Al-Hind by the famous Muslim Arab traveler Abu al-Rihan al-Biruni, the eleventh president. In which he writes that the most important place in India after the Surya temple of Multan is the Sharda temple of Kashmir.

Leading English researcher Sir Earl Stein writes that at a distance of one kilometer from the Sharda temple, such effects can be seen which proves this point.

In this place, the famous center of knowledge and literature will be Sharda Peeth. We can call it a university today. Sanskrit, science and literature, Sharda ‘Kashmiri’ script, Shivaism, Vedas, astrology, mathematics, and many other sciences were taught in this great university.

Similarly, the famous English Sanskrit scholar Max Muller writes that this center of learning in Sharda was very famous and popular all over India in terms of knowledge.

A large and prestigious educational institution of Gurukul traditions was established here. There was also a magnificent library in this prestigious academic institution. Which became extinct centuries ago due to the misappropriation of time.

Sharda Script or Alphabet:

Sharda script or alphabet also had the honor of being the script of Kashmir.

Brahmi Script:

It was in this temple that Sanskrit scholars invented the Brahmi alphabet or script. Which later became the ‘Kashmir script or alphabet’ and still exists somewhere. This alphabet was taught exclusively at this university.

This script has been the official script of Kashmir for a thousand years. Even today, the entire past of Kashmir is preserved in this script.

The same script is inscribed on the walls of temples, in addition to numerous books, and stone shrines.

Kashmir is rich in monuments where specimens of this script can be found from Ladakh to Tibet. Not only this, its written specimens are found as far as Jammu, Gilgit, and Baltistan.

In Ladakh, Buddhists still write their sacred mantras in the same script, the Sharda script. The script was alive a century ago but now slowly disappeared.

Reason(s) of Disappearing Sharda Script:

It was completely abolished in the Dogra period as it was replaced by the official language of the Devanagari script.

During the Muslim rule, the Sharda script continued side by side with Persian, but as Hindu Pandits became more interested in Persian, it lost its appeal.

The Next Center of World Tourism

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan as it named its an Islamic state as well as allows non-muslims to live here with religious freedom. Beautiful Islamabad is the Capital City of it. The word Pak means clean or pure, So Pakistan means a place to live for clean or pure people, or you can abbreviate Pakistan “The land of the pure people”

Pakistan is the house of several opportunities besides its growing economy, which is improving day by day. Pakistan has seen many successes and failures since its inception. Here let me tell you that Pakistan came into being in 1947. So in that sense, its date of birth is 14 August 1947.

Pakistan is located in a very important part of the world which makes Pakistan important and special. Pakistan is a land of more than 215 million people, which makes it the 5th largest country in the world by population. The population of present-day Pakistan was only around 34 million when it came into existence.

Pakistan has founded thanks to the hard work of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. Who brought the Muslims out of Darkness and gave them a bright and independent state.

Pakistan is the 34th largest or biggest country in the world which holds a total land area of 881,913 and covers 0.5 percent of the world landmass.

Pakistan is famous for:

Pakistan is situated in Asia. The geographical existence makes Pakistan very famous in the region. It’s home to a variety of various languages and cultures further as being the host to any or all four seasons, natural and historical wealth.

Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s exciting destinations embrace magnanimous mountain ranges, rolling lush plateaus all dotted with an abundance of pine trees and crystal clear waters to the desolate nonetheless tempting in the expansive desert towards the south in between each extreme. it hosts numberless mausoleums, mosques, gardens, and lakes.

Pakistan has everything which a tourist finds. Pakistan offers historical places to the modern era of Pakistan, deserts to lush green fields, ancient culture to big tall buildings, traditional festivals to modern festivals, local food to local culture and language, heritage, lakes, waterfalls, glaciers, high mountains, rivers, and canals, beautiful and hospitable people, mega cities to villages, you can say Pakistan is heaven to tourist.

Economy of Pakistan:

Islamic Republic of Pakistan’s agricultural sector has boosted the country’s economy and continues to realize Pine numbers of employment.

Acres of fertile land favorable atmospheric conditions and abundance of rain and rivers are additionally increased with a powerful canal irrigation network.

The country’s producing sector is flourishing with cotton textile and attire being the biggest industries Pakistan is expected to be the world’s quickest growing Muslim economy in 2021.

Pakistan conjointly is additionally renowned for its producing of sports merchandise that are employed by skilled groups Associate in Nursing tournaments in numerous countries as well as the FIFA World Cup.

China-Pakistan Economic Corridor:

The China-Pakistan economic passageway is an initiative taken by each neighboring country to explore investment and bilateral trade. It’ll link the Gwadar port to the Chinese province of ching Chang. Recently, there was a lot of talk about the beauty of Gwadar Stadium built in Gwadar

It can act as a game-changer not just for the Islamic Republic of Pakistan except for international trade further there’s constant development within the infrastructure across the country.

Their number of motorways connecting town to town with eight additional beneath construction the city Transport Company unitedly with Turkey also launched the tube transportation company in 2013 as a rustic that’s simply seventy years older.

We’ve overcome several obstacles in our means we’ve done wonders internationally all told sectors the expansion of our infrastructure and incentivized investment policy initiatives are resulting in endless rising Pakistan.