About Us

Our Aim

AJK Tourism and Archaeology Department is a department of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Government in Pakistan. The main aim of this department is to promote travel and tourism in Azad Kashmir. The department provides information and accommodation facilities to tourists in different places in state. It also arranges fairs, festivals and events to promote tourism.

The head office of the department is located in Muzaffarabad. Some regional and information offices are located in different places in Azad Kashmir.

What we do?

Project Objectives:

  • To conduct exploration and record archaeological sites and historic monuments for reconstruction of the history of the area and filling voids and gaps in the chronological sequence.

  • To collect archaeological, ethnological and art specimens.

  • To prepare a gazetteer of archaeological sites and historic monuments for the purpose of protection and conservation.

  • To publish survey results for information and guidance of the Government of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and concerned agencies for taking appropriate action for the protection and preservation of the culture heritage.

  • To identify potential sites for archaeology excavations.

  • To project and promote the culture heritage of the area at national and international level.

  • To provide opportunities to the students of TIAC for hands on training in field archaeology, research and documentation.

  • To arrange/mount exhibition of the new finds to create awareness among the people about the cultural importance and potential archaeology of the region and to promote culture tourism in the area.

  • To report endangered cultural heritages for immediate attention of the concerned authorities.

  • To attract visitors and foreign scholars to work on the subject in the region for the promotion of the soft image of Pakistan.