A considerable number of archaeology sites and historic monuments i.e. temples, gurdwaras, forts rock inscriptions, rock-cut caves, series, abolish, sacred sites, cup marks, megaliths and earlier human activities were recorded. Special emphasis was laid on recording the potential culture heritage of the Neelum valley, because of earlier references by Sir Aurel Stein. We recorded traditional wooden buildings, ethno-archaeological elements, art and crafts of the valley and different ethnic groups residing there. The present research and survey is an important step in Cataloging the culture heritage of the area apart from exploring the missing links in the history and chronological sequence of events.

Intended Impacts

  1. a) To create opportunities of further research in the archaeological study of Kashmir.
  2. b) To map the culture wealth of Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.
  3. c) To attract foreign researchers in the field of archology.
  4. d) To get the serious attention of the authorities to take prompt action for conservation of site.
  5. e) To integrate archaeological sites and historic monuments with tourism industry and promote culture tourism in the country.